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What does an Advisor know about each Candidate before meeting with them?

  • Advisors will have access to the Candidate’s resume and LinkedIn profile so they have a holistic view of the candidate’s experience and skill set prior to the meeting

After an Advisor is matched with a client, how does Leap educate the Advisor about their business?

  • The Leap team will send articles and videos for each Advisor to review  
  • Leap will schedule a one hour meeting between Leap’s team, the client, and all client approved Advisors to discuss the current state of the client’s business and their specific needs. This will be recorded for reference purposes
  • Leap will keep Advisors regularly updated on the needs of the client

Is an Advisor required to approve every candidate?

  • No! Leap pays Advisors on a pay-per-screen basis to get their impartial opinions on every candidate
  • After an Advisor approves or rejects a candidate, Leap review their notes before deciding whether to put that Candidate in front of the client for an interview

How is a typical screening process between an Advisor and a Candidate structured?

  • Each calendar invite will include a link to the candidate’s profile in JazzHR, where Advisors submit feedback 
  • Advisor interviews are 30 minutes and could be conducted via phone call or video conference depending on their preference
  • Advisors follow the why, what, where model of questions but there is also room to expand to any questions Advisors feel is necessary to dive into
    • Why is the candidate interested in this role/company?
    • What motivates him/her and how has that motivation impacted their performance in previous roles?
    • Where do they want to go in their career and how does this role help them get there?
  • Advisors get paid twice a month for all reviewed candidates

Does an Advisor get updates after approving a candidate?

  • Yes! If a candidate is hired, we send a congratulations email and add Advisors for visibility

How many screens should an Advisor expect to complete each month?

  • We aim to have each Advisor complete a minimum of 2 screens per month with a maximum of 4 screens per week

What are the requirements to become a Leap Advisor?

  • Apply here. A Leap employee will reach out to you directly within 3 business days
  • Leap is looking for sales leaders who have hired (and led) sales teams

What is the onboarding process for a Leap Advisor?

  • Onboarding takes 25 minutes and the current process onboards Advisors to the following systems:
    • Gusto – Leap’s payments provider through which we will send payments twice per month
    • Calendly – Candidates will put time on the Advisor’s calendar after they pass Leap’s screen. Leap provides a Calendly subscription so Advisors can connect both personal and work calendars to more easily manage their availability
    • JazzHR Leap’s applicant tracking system that Advisors will utilize to submit reviews on candidates


In what kind of candidates does Leap specialize?

  • Leap is currently focused on the fields listed below, with plans to add additional roles as the business scales
    • Sales Development Representatives
    • Account Executives

What does ongoing support look like?

  • Leap will schedule a semi-monthly, 30-minute sync between the Client and their Account Manager to review the candidate pipeline and discuss Advisor feedback
  • Once all roles have been filled, the ongoing meetings will shift to monthly or quarterly check-ins based on the Client’s preference

What is Leap’s pricing structure?

  • Our pricing plan is commission-based, which means we get paid only when Clients hire the candidates we submit
  • Schedule a demo to speak with a member of our team and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have

Can I recommend Advisors to Leap for my business?

  • Yes! Leap accepts external Advisor recommendations and works to onboard these new Advisors to the platform once they are approved

Why partner with Leap?

  • Higher quality candidates with a faster speed to hire
  • Employers approve all Leap Advisors tied to their business before candidate interviews begin
  • Employers have the opportunity to recommend Advisors to Leap for their business
  • Employers replace internal interview rounds with Advisor interviews which reduces the strain on hiring managers and internal recruiters
  • Leap contracts Advisors and takes on the financial risk of sending candidates to be interviewed. Advisors are paid for every conversation they have with candidates
  • Leap only makes money if Employers hire the candidates we recommend

What are the steps to be onboarded as a Leap Client?

  • Clients work with Leap to select industry leaders (Leap Advisors) who will interview candidates for their businesses and replace at least one internal hiring round
  • Leap works with the Client’s team to understand each role’s requirements and set up job orders
  • Leap schedules a calibration call with the Client’s team and approved Leap Advisors 
  • Candidate sourcing and screening begins
  • Semi-monthly meetings are set up between the Client’s team and Leap for ongoing feedback about submitted candidates
  • Leap works with the Client to collect quarterly business updates to send to Advisors


How do I prepare for an interview with an Advisor?

  • Leap will send materials for each Candidate to review in advance of their call 
  • We always recommend that Candidates do their own research as well

Can I ask the advisor for feedback and recommendations?

  • Absolutely! We always recommend waiting until the end of the call to ask for any feedback

My current employer uses Leap. Will they be able to see my profile?

  • No! Only Leap employees and each Candidate’s assigned Advisor will see their profile. The applicant process is kept confidential

What kind of Employers are using Leap?

  • Leap is currently working with venture backed technology companies
  • Company size range from 10 to 2000+ employees

How many Advisors can I speak to at the same time?

  • Each Candidate can speak with 2 Advisors and be considered for a maximum of 2 roles at one time

What happens if an Advisor rejects me for a role?

  • We take all feedback seriously, and Advisor feedback is considered along with several factors when determining whether to move a candidate into the client interview process. For quality assurance purposes, all approved or rejected candidates are reviewed before a final determination is made

Why should I use Leap to find my next role?

  • After being interviewed by a Leap Advisor, a Candidate’s application is fast-tracked
  • Each Candidate gets a dedicated Recruiter who guides him/her through each step of the process and answers any questions along the way

What is the Leap candidate process?

  • Once a Candidate submits their resume through the Leap platform and answer a few questions, we get to work. If they’re a match for our open roles, a Recruiter will contact them to discuss their career goals and provide more information about the open roles we recommend
  • From there, we connect the Candidate with a Leap Advisor who is a sales leader approved by the Client to interview candidates. These Advisors are there to see if the Candidate is a fit for the open role they’re applying for and provide unbiased feedback to the employer

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