Become a Leap Advisor

Hiring is a team sport and we’re enlisting internal employees at companies to act as Leap Advisors to become a bigger part of that process.

Why become a Leap Advisor?

  • Become a brand ambassador of your company. We’re looking for people dedicated to their company and truly care about working alongside like minded, talented people.
  • Build connections. By becoming an advisor you don’t just connect with future colleagues but also get access to a network of other advisors in different companies.
  • Bonuses. Once a partnership is set up between Leap and your company advisors are placed on a pay-per-screen model where they get paid for every meeting held with a Leap job seeker.

What does a Leap Advisor look like?

Our belief is that A-players can identify other A-players. If you’re in the top 20% of your company’s salespeople, we’d love to connect. Our goal is to connect qualified job seekers with people doing the type of work they are applying for.

As an advisor you will be able to relay to a job seeker what your day-to-day looks like, discuss onboarding, culture, objection handling, and pros and cons of the company.

We’ll schedule one meeting a week for you, the advisor, to connect to a potential candidate. We ask that you take the call, share your insights, and give us your perspective on whether you would hire the candidate to be on your team.

Become a Leap Advisor today.

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