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Why become a Leap Advisor?

  • Financial Reward – Leap Advisors earn money on a pay-per-screen basis. There is no incentive to say yes or no to a candidate. Leap pays Advisors for their time and judgement
  • Community – We’re building a community of Advisors that are helping companies grow. From our insightful blog posts to mentoring opportunities Leap wants to offer Advisors the chance to participate as much as they’d like
  • Opportunity – Leap provides Advisors with introductions to opportunities in high level roles at new companies upon request from the Advisor. Leap also grows its own business primarily through referrals; if our Advisors need to grow their own teams we are happy to assist

Who is a Leap Advisor?

  • Leap’s Advisors are Go-to-Market leaders with management experience
  • Our Advisors have done hundreds of interviews for their own companies and are now using their skills to help other companies acquire talent

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