Become a Leap Candidate

Companies fast-track the interview process for candidates that have been approved by a Leap Advisor.

Leap aims to make the hiring process more efficient for candidates.

  • We understand how hard it is to get yourself in front of the right people within a company
  • A candidate submitted by Leap stands out among the flood of resumes typically received for open roles
  • By preparing candidates for the interview and fast-tracking them through the hiring process, our goal is to help candidates land their next career

Why speak to a Leap Advisor?

  • Leap’s Advisors are approved by our clients to screen candidates. Leap pays Advisors for their time and judgment so they have no incentive to say yes or no to anyone
  • When a company receives a candidate with Leap’s stamp of approval, the hiring process is shortened
  • Advisors are industry leaders, so if time permits, get their advice regarding interview tips or career insights

Become a Leap Candidate today.

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