Sales hiring is broken for candidates and employers

Leap is utilizing Advisors to change the way companies hire. Advisors are sales leaders that interview candidates before they’re sent to companies for review.

“Leap was able to connect me to a company that I had no idea I was a good fit for. I gained expert insight from my advisor and was able to complete the entire interview process more quickly than applying directly with the company.”

Dani Warner,
Leap Candidate

“Great way to use my experience to make incremental income. I plan to use my Leap income to fund my next vacation.”

Danny Luskin,
Head of Sales at Churnkey
Leap Advisor

“When we were introduced to Leap we needed to hire 20 sales reps in 60 days. Leap was able to move fast and send over quality candidates. They helped us hire 5 sales reps which really helped us move the needle.”

Jenner Pearson,
Manager of Talent Acquisition at The RealReal
Leap Client

“The team at Leap are great! I’ve had the opportunity to work with them over the past year and highly recommend their partnership to anyone.”

Jonathan Palm,
Head of Recruitment at SetSail
Leap Client

“It took less than 30 minutes to get onboarded as a Leap Advisor. Super easy.”

Matt Smith,
Head of US Sales at MetaMap
Leap Advisor

“I really enjoyed the process with Leap. It was nice to be involved in conversations rather than bargaining my worth. Leap humanized an industry where many see numbers instead of faces.”

Tima Anganu,
Leap Candidate

“Being a Leap Advisor is perfect because it accommodates my schedule and helps me to stay sharp as a business leader.”

Jessica Bartle,
Senior Director, Sales at Checkr
Leap Advisor


Being Leap approved allows you to move faster through the interview process! Get ready for the interview with tips from our experienced advisors.


Get matched with Leap clients and start interviewing qualified candidates. Advisors get paid for their time and judgement.


Leap recruits talent and pays industry leaders to provide you with impartial feedback before the interview process begins.

How it Works


  • Candidates sign up and build your profiles
  • You will speak directly to a Leap recruiter
  • If you’re a fit for one or more of our open roles, you’ll be matched with a Leap Advisor
  • Leap will provide materials to prepare you for the chat with your Leap Advisor and we’ll facilitate getting that conversation scheduled
  • If you successfully pass the screening process, you’ll be submitted to the client and fast-tracked for the role
  • After your Leap Advisor screening, you’ll receive a survey to provide confidential feedback about the experience so we can continually improve the process for future candidates


  • Industry leaders apply to create profiles with Leap
  • Leap will reach out to you directly to discuss your expertise in more detail
  • Once approved, you’ll be set up as a Leap Advisor on our platform, including Gusto for receiving payments, Calendly for scheduling interviews, and JazzHR for submitting reviews on candidates
  • Leap will match you with a client and help you get familiar with their open roles and specific needs
  • Then you’re all set! You can start interviewing candidates and getting paid for your time and judgment


  • Work with Leap to select industry leaders (Leap Advisors) who will interview candidates for your business to replace at least one internal hiring round
  • Leap works with your team to understand each role’s requirements and set up job orders
  • Leap schedules a calibration call with your team and approved Leap Advisors
  • Candidate sourcing and screening begins
  • Semi-monthly meetings are set up between your team and Leap for ongoing feedback on submitted candidates
  • Leap works with you to collect quarterly business updates to send to Advisors

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