Get matched with a company and become its talent advisor

Quantity over quality has been the typical experience of hiring managers as they spend countless hours screening candidates. By working with Leap, you can become an advisor and flip this problem on its head by screening candidates and confirming their quality before they are sent to companies.

For Job Seekers

Being Leap approved allows you to move faster through the interview process! Get ready for the interview with tips from our experienced advisors.

For Advisors

Leap matches you with a company and sends qualified candidates. Advisors get paid for their time and judgement.

Our mission is to connect companies with qualified and excited candidates.

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How it Works

Job Seeker

  • Speak directly with a Leap recruiter
  • Create a profile with Leap after you’re approved for a specific opening
  • Leap will assist in scheduling your interview with an advisor
  • Upon advisor approval Leap will submit you to the end client and fast track your resume!
  • Leave a review for your advisor


  • Apply by creating a profile with Leap
  • Leap will reach out for an interview 
  • Upon approval Leap matches you with a company
  • Onboard with the account manager of the matched company 
  • Integrate Calendly with your work calendar for scheduling purposes
  • Set up Zelle for direct payments from Leap 
  • To get paid complete candidate screens and leave reviews

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