Advisor Review: ClassPass Partner Development Specialist

Key point: Make sure the candidate leaves this call feeling more prepared for the role with good feedback and advice.

Hey (candidate name) - Great to meet you! My name is (Advisor name) I'm a sales leader helping Leap fast-track the best candidates to ClassPass.
On this call we'll discuss questions and go through a role play that ClassPass has sent over, which will replace two of the typical interview steps on their end.
I'll also try to give some of my insights on the role, company and career growth. Does that sound good?
When researching the ClassPass platform, what did you find interesting? What excites you about being in a business development role?
If you were to be offered this role, are you committed to doing this many calls on a daily basis? Note for Advisor: Discuss your personal experience with heavy outreach and doing cold calls.
Tell me about a time you overcame a challenge. What was the challenge and how did you approach it?
Advisor is a Salon Owner. Candidate calls the Salon Owner on behalf of ClassPass with the goal of leaning about the Salon Owner's business, presenting the value proposition of ClassPass, and setting up the next meeting. Note for Advisor: Please provide one piece of feedback to the candidate, then repeat the role play again to see how the candidate implements the feedback.