Advisor Review: The RealReal Account Luxury Manager

Two key points:
1) We’re looking for your genuine opinion on the candidate and whether they would be a good match for The RealReal.
2) Make sure the candidate leaves having gained value from the conversation. That could be about either career growth, feedback on what they should emphasize in the next interview, etc.

Conversation with candidate starts here:
Hey (Candidate) - Great to meet you! My name is (Advisor) I'm a sales leader helping Leap fast-track the best candidates to The RealReal.

On this call we'll discuss several questions, which will replace two of the typical interview steps.
I'll also try to give some of my insights on the role, company and career growth. Let's get started.

Question 1:
When researching The RealReal platform, what did you find interesting? What excites you about being in an Account Luxury Manager role and working with consignors?

How do you think this role will help you in the future?

Advisor Note: Help the candidate better clarify their “Why” for being in this role by understanding where they’d like to go in their career path.

Question 2:
What from your past experience would indicate that you would be successful in a competitive environment? Tell me about a time you overcame a challenge.

Question 3:
Can you tell me about a time you used data to drive a decision? How did you use the information presented to you to effect change?

Question 4:
This role requires 5-7 consignor meetings daily along with heavy outbound calls. If you were to be offered this position are you committed to doing this on a daily basis?

Advisor Note:
Discuss your personal experience with heavy outreach, what it taught you, and how it helped you to get to where you are today.

If advancing the candidate to the next stage:
Discuss the value of the role they would be taking with The RealReal and any additional career advice you believe would be useful to the candidate.

If not advancing the candidate:
Provide the candidate your input on how they presented themselves and any improvement points they could be aware of for future interviews.
Write a quick note here of what you relayed to this candidate.