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Quantity over quality has been the typical experience of hiring managers as they spend countless hours screening candidates. By working with Leap, you can become an advisor and flip this problem on its head by screening candidates and confirming their quality before they are sent to companies.

For Job Seekers

Discover what it’s like to work at a company directly from internal employees.

For Advisors

Serve as a brand ambassador for your company by sharing your insights and experiences with eligible job seekers. In addition to helping attract top talent, you will earn financial rewards for screening candidates.

Our mission is to empower employees to help their companies grow.

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How it Works

Job Seeker

  • Create a profile
  • A discovery call will be scheduled with one of our talent specialists to dive deeper into your sales experience or why you’re interested in pursuing a career in sales
  • Leap recommends open roles and connects you with advisors within those companies
  • Advisors will provide insight about the company and screen you for an open role that Leap recommends for you


  • Create a profile
  • Answer a quick questionnaire
  • Speak with one of our talent specialists so Leap can better understand your motivations for becoming an advisor
  • Share your calendar with Leap so that talent specialists can schedule one screening call a week for you to have with job seekers
  • Calls should follow the provided agendas
  • Fill out a candidate review after each call to explain why you do or don’t move a candidate to the next round
  • Receive financial rewards for screening calls

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