Become a Leap Job Seeker

Qualified candidates are screened by Leap and 3rd party advisors. Our clients value the Leap approval and fast track our reviewed candidates.

Our vision is to make the hiring process enjoyable and easy for all.

Candidates today submit their resumes into the hiring abyss to either get reviewed by a piece of software or by a person for roughly 7 seconds on average.

We understand how hard it is to get yourself in front of the right people within a company.

From scheduling to providing preparatory documents for interviews, our goal is to truly make this process as easy as possible for our candidates.

Why speak to a 3rd party advisor?

In addition to providing advice, our advisors will also be screening you to confirm Leap’s opinion that you are a great fit for the company with which you have been matched. Our advisors are paid for their time and judgement so use them!

We want our candidates to ask candid questions about the company, interview tips, etc when meeting with advisors. 

It sends a strong signal to our clients to take candidates seriously and schedule the interviews immediately when they have been screened by Leap and a 3rd party advisor.

Become a Leap Job Seeker today.

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